Are you looking for the highest quality fish collagen peptides on today’s market? Then Peptan Marine is your best choice. Explore the oceans of possibilities offered you by our collagen peptides from wild-caught fish.


Peptan Marine collagen comes from 100% wild-caught fish, with options from fisheries that are certified sustainable to the
Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
The MSC is an international non-profit organization that – just like us – wants future generations to be able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever. With our Peptan Marine collagen solution, you can give conscientious consumers an easy choice for their health and wellness needs.


Peptan Marine features

  • Compliant with the strictest European Union food regulations
  • Fully traceable
  • Non-GMO (produced without genetic engineering)
  • 100% pure collagen peptides of marine origin
  • 100% free of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives
  • IFS- and HACCP-certified production (, - more info here)
  • A highly versatile ingredient, entirely neutral in taste and odor – ideal for formulation
  • Optional: Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified products
    • Environmentally friendly, and sustainably and clean-sourced


Peptan Marine: good for people, good for the planet

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Marine collagen peptides are made from collagen. Like bovine, porcine, and other fish collagens, they are produced from 100% natural animal sources – in this case, the skins of wild-caught ocean fish, including sources from the Atlantic. The production process is the same for fish as it is for collagen peptides from any other source.


Learn more about collagen peptides production on our web page ‘What is Peptan?


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Generally, the fish we consume today comes from two main sources. Wild-caught fish and seafood are caught in natural, marine environments such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. Farm-raised fish are sourced from aquaculture populations, such as cultivated fishery installations. Here, fish farmers can play a role in the rearing process to enhance production.

Farm-raised and wild-catch sources are complementary. Balancing the two sources, and treating them with equal care, can help feed the world. This is why at Rousselot we work with both wild-caught and farm-raised fish. In all of our sourcing and processing, we are committed to the highest environmental and quality standards. We apply the strictest norms for food quality and safety as well as traceability.

To find how more about our high standards for raw materials, read our page on Rousselot’s sustainability values.



There are many fish collagen products available on the market today. If your needs and wishes match the criteria we describe below, Peptan Marine is your best choice.

  • You want premium collagen peptides

For Peptan Marine collagen peptides, we source the finest marine whitefish, before processing it at our state-of-the-art factory in France. Peptan Marine collagen peptides are of the highest quality you can find on today’s market.

  • You prefer 100% wild-caught fish

If you prefer wild-caught fish over aquaculture sources, Peptan Marine is for you. Peptan Marine collagen peptides are 100% wild-caught fish.

  • You want MSC-certified products

(Optional) Peptan Marine comes from fisheries that are MSC-certified. This means they are environment-friendly, sustainable and well-managed. The supply chain – from fishery to factory – is audited by an independent, accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) to ensure traceability and transparency.

  • You trust the guarantee of a premium collagen brand

Peptan is the world’s leading collagen peptides brand. In one recent NutraIngredients survey, over 60% of respondents rated Peptan as global health and wellness market leader, in terms of both quality and the science backing its products and processes. These ratings affirm our commitment to offering versatile, safe, traceable, premium-quality collagen peptides.

Learn more about the benefits of Peptan collagen peptides, and the science that backs them up.

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Peptan Marine is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody certified, meaning that all products carrying the blue fish label can be traced back to a sustainable fishery. The MSC's mission is to use its certification and ecolabelling program to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans by recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices, influencing the choices people make when buying seafood, and working with partners to make the seafood market sustainable. We definitely share this vision!

  • Promoting practices that maintain sustainable fish stocks
  • Reducing the environmental impact of fishing
  • Making the management of fisheries more effective

Click to to visit the MSC’s supplier pages and find us in their Supplier Directory.

You can trust the MSC blue fish label

Companies using MSC-certified ingredients, such as those supplied by Peptan, can add the MSC's renowned blue label to their packaging if they also meet the MSC sustainability standards. As the MSC gains renown around the world, we believe consumers will be more and more likely to buy sustainable, ‘blue label’ products. For manufacturers, this is the time to get on board – and to discover the oceans of possibilities represented by Peptan Marine collagen peptides.*

* Working with Rousselot and Peptan Marine means your company is eligible for the qualification needed to market products bearing the blue MSC label. The only final step you have to take is to acquire your own MSC certificate. Find out more at

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By buying Peptan Marine, you can tap into growing consumer demand for MSC-certified sustainable products.
The blue MSC label will help your product stand out, attracting conscientious consumers eager to  contribute to transforming the seafood market.

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